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Located in the General Services Complex

Submit Content

Step 1

To ensure content is appropriate of high quality and in-line with the University of Waterloo’s branding guidelines, please respect the following policies about content:

If you have any questions, contact Kevin Suess at x36143 or email Campus Displays.

Step 2

To help you get started creating content for the Campus Displays to promote your event, watch our video, demonstrating how to use our PowerPoint Template.

PowerPoint Template

If you need a basic design to get started, download the ready to use PowerPoint file below and simply enter your information in the slide. Save your file when you are done designing and proceed to the next step.

PowerPoint LogoDownload The PowerPoint Template (.pptx)


Illustrator Template

If you are comfortable with designing your own content and wish to have the freedom to create your own layout. Download the blank Illustrator file below and design away!

Illustrator Logo Click To Download Illustrator Template (.ai)

Create Your Own
Instead of using one of our templates, you can set up your own document and create the design from scratch. In this case, your submission must meet the following formatting requirements:


Unsupported Formats

Step 3a

Transfer Your File To Us Through SendIt

Use the University of Waterloo's Secure File Transfer Service to send us your file:

Step 3b

Tell Us about Your Slide

Use your web submission form to tell us about your slide(s), specify dates for display and let us know about any sepcial instructions regarding the slide(s).