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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions or need clarification on any point raised, please contact John Jaray ext 36389.

How long will this take to move our fax line (or network connection)? Who arranges for this and who pays for it?

Information Systems & Technology (IST) can help you arrange for any fax lines or network connections that must be moved (or installed) to accommodate your Xerox multi-function device. Your area is responsible for all costs associated with installing and/or relocating fax and network connections.

I'm not connected to a network printer/I’m not sure if I have network access/I use my own printer. How can I connect to the new machine?

As long as you are connected to the network, you can benefit from the Xerox equipment. There are a small number of computers on campus that are not connected to the network. However, this is very rare. If you have email, you're connected.

How long does training take? What if we require retraining?

Expect the training session to last approximately 30 minutes. The initial training is done by the Xerox trainer for the 'key operator' and this will allow you to do walk-up photocopying and ensure that you are familiar with the control pad, the paper trays, the output trays, some of the various finishing options, and the location of the toner cartridge.
Once your departmental print drivers are installed, Xerox representatives will return to perform training sessions on printing and faxing. Our goal is to ensure that every University employee is capable of gaining the maximum benefit from the new equipment and technology. Todd Hunter of Xerox is prepared to visit you (or your department) until you are comfortable with the equipment.
For further training, you can initiate a request with the Xerox Customer Support Representative. They will call the key operator to schedule further training if requested, for a small group of six or less.

What if the equipment doesn't work properly when it's installed?

Your existing equipment will remain onsite until your department is sufficiently trained, the Xerox equipment is working to your satisfaction, and your department is ready to migrate to the new multi-function units.

Our department has its own printer/fax machine. Can we keep our equipment?

Yes. There are, however, distinct advantages to migrating your work to the multi-function units as your capital equipment (printer or fax) requires replacement. The major advantage is cost. There is no cost for the Xerox device, and service and toner is free.

The second major advantage is excellent service from the Xerox technicians. Guaranteed phone response is 1 hour and guaranteed on-site service is 4 hours.

The third advantage is better utilization of the improved features and performance of the new equipment. The new Xerox equipment will print from 45 pages per minute (depending on the model). All Xerox equipment will print single or double sided and are capable of printing envelopes and labels.

New Media Services' goal is to replace the current technology with state-of-the-art units, designed to provide greater performance with more features at a lower cost.

Will I be able to fax with a Xerox multi-function unit?

All the Xerox units have fax capabilities. They have Local Area Network (LAN) fax capabilities to send from the desktop with the fax/print/scan option. For departments that have an existing fax machine, their new copier/printer also operates as a fax machine. It will fax hard copy documents from the scanning bed or the document feeder, and it will accept incoming faxes.

I handle sensitive or confidential materials. Is the Xerox multi-function unit secure?

Secure printing is available on the Xerox machines. The print/scan option allows the user to send a job to the printer, but not release the job until the user keys in a password at the machine.