New Media Services

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm

Located in the General Services Complex


Where can I get passport photos done? What are the hours?
Media.doc MC or SLC are able to do passport photos. Business hours 9-5 Monday to Friday

What locations provide poster printing service? How fast can I get a poster printed?
In most cases it is a 24 hour turnaround, please check with the staff at Media.doc MC or Media.doc SLC

Can I submit my thesis order online? I’m out of the country and can’t get to campus.
Yes, you can contact any of the Media.doc locations for this service.

How long to get a hard bound thesis?

4-6 weeks or rush orders we can have in a week - $30.00 rush fee.

If I bring in a thesis,(not final) can I get it done while I wait? (spiral or cerlox).
Yes, we can do right away.

How do I submit an order online?
Orders can be submitted using NMS eAccess or using the online requisition.