You will find that your Xerox unit provides superior performance (speed, quality and features) to your previous network and personal printers.


For ordering supplies, recycling questions, how to call for service:

Recycling toner and drums

Please place the empties in their original box, attach the "Xerox return recycling" label to the box and mail to Central Stores - ECH.

Ordering Chargeable Supplies


Order using Systems Contract Requisition.

Ordering Toner (no charge)

1 (866) 715-0788 - please provide your name, Serial Number and machine location with building name and room number.

Service Calls

1 (866) 715-0788 - please provide your Serial Number.

How to Take Xerox Meter Reads

A mid-month email prompt will remind key operators to take meter reads for departmental units for automatic quarterly billing and to submit them via myGraphics. (A few locations will be contacted by telephone where email is not available.) For taking meter reads and to check your Serial Number follow these instructions:



Remember to report the black and white and colour meters seperately.

If you have any additional questions or find that you have new equipment requirements please contact John Jaray at ext 36389 - or submit a request through our website.

Keep Us Informed

If your office area is reorganized or your Xerox multifunction unit is moved for any reason to another location from where it was installed, please keep us informed. This is very important to ensure timely service visits and supply deliveries to the correct location. Xerox and New Media Services appreciate your cooperation. Please contact John Jaray at ext 36389 and provide the unit's serial number, building & room number and the new building and room number.


If you have not yet received training on your new model, or if you would like to request more training on advanced features, please contact John Jaray at ext 36389.

Network Printers

As equipment expires, New Media Services recommends the removal of all faxes and network printers unless a strong operational case exists to maintain it. In every application we have found, the new Xerox unit will provide superior performance (speed, quality and features) to the existing equipment it could be replacing.

Personal Printers

Confidentiality is not a automatic reason for retaining a personal printer. Secure printing is available on the Xerox machines.The print/scan option allows the user to send a job to the printer, but not print out until the user keys in a password at the machine. Distance from (or access to) the Xerox machine: A 20-30 second walk to a network printer may not be unreasonable; a 2-4 minute walk might be. A Print Wise study can demonstrate to your department significant reductions in ongoing printer cost through this program. The cost per page includes all toner, both black and white and colour and complete on site maintenance and repairs.

Xerox Models

If you have further questions, call John Jaray at ext 36389 to discuss the options that best suit your department's needs or visit the Xerox Website at to view the entire product line.