Reduced Costs

The department charge per impression are categorized with and without a stapling finisher:

Black & White
$0.0439 - No finisher
$0.0459 - With finisher

$0.14 - No finisher
$0.15 - With finisher

Greater Performance and Functionality

All units are multifunctional and come standard with print, copy, fax, scan and duplexing (i.e. double-siding) capabilities, and operate from 35ppm to 45ppm, enabling departments to complete jobs much more efficiently.

Why Connect to Your Network?

There are several reasons why it makes sense for departments to connect the new machines to their network, which will enable the use of “print”, “scan” and “fax” capabilities:

  • Printing on these multifunction devices is often more cost effective than printing off a traditional desktop laser printer.
  • Scanning and emailing documents is faster, easier and cheaper than printing and sending hard copies (there is no charge for scanning).
  • Networked machines can be monitored remotely for maintenance, reducing the need for staff to make calls requesting supplies and service.
  • Enabling the fax functionality will eliminate the need for a separate fax machine and the related costs for repairs and maintenance.

Please e-mail or contact John Jaray ext 36389 if you have any questions.

Rates are subject to change without notice.